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Pattaya - Sin City

Ladyboys a go go

Got up late today both messed up with lack of sleep just not used to the jungle noises at Dave's house slept fitfully and wide awake at 4am again.
Had a gentle stroll down to the main road where his house is to the local Tesco! To get a few bits for the house.


Dave took us for a night out in Pattaya known as the original Sin City it's about half an hour from his house in Bang Sare.

We had a lovely Thai meal and few beers then went to a Thai boxing ring place with a stunning harbor setting for more drinks.

Pattaya is really built up and neon not at all as I pictured Thailand it's like Aiya Napa or the West End in Ibiza but with lots of hookers - really not my thing but interesting to see.

A trip down the world famous "Walking Street" which I can only describe as ....EYE OPENING... Lots of ladyboys and sex shows etc again not my thing but very interesting to see.


Jason with a Man united poster and some ladyboys.


A cunning way to store your iPhone when you don't have a handbag....


We got a bit drunk in Pattaya but it was all fine as we were with Dave and his Mrs Si-chon so we didn't get any bother at all. I imagine if you were a group of single guys it would be a very different story!

Back home for about 2am. The lads stayed up till 5am drinking and catching up they are old mates who haven't seen each other for a few years and its great to see them both happy.

I still can't sleep properly due to jet lag but I think I'm coming round a bit.

It's a public holiday tomorrow some religious festival for Buddha. Dave's got the day off teaching as the schools are closed so we are going to some festivities with the family.

I am picking up some Thai phrases too Ariel aged 5 is teaching me.
I know hello and thank you!

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Bang Sare - Buddha

He is everywhere!

Today was a public holiday in this area. Dave had the day off from school, good job really as him and Jason were very hungover didn't get up until one o'clock!

We needed to go into town to see about our next trip down to Ko Chang so Dave drove us to Pattaya to try to find a travel agent open on a bank holiday.

Managed to book a minibus and ferry crossing for 600b each (15€) which seemed like good value as its 4 and half hours away and that included a ferry crossing too. All booked up for tomorrow morning as Dave's back to work and we don't want to get in the way or overstay our welcome.

Had a fantastic lunch AGAIN!!!!! The food in this country has me smitten. Thankfully Si-chon has introduced us to loads of dishes so we at least know what to order and what to avoid.



Then we drove up to Buddha mountain with spectacular views over Pattaya.

Si-chon showed me how to request a blessing for Buddha at the temple and I prayed for health and success. All quite moving really even though I'm not remotely religious. By the way, tons and tons of Russian tourists here in Thailand like in Salou.



Dave drove us to another special place called Buddha Mountain (Khao Chi Chan) for a quick photo stop as we were all shattered by now and the lads hangovers were kicking in!

Look how happy Jason looks here!


All Buddha'd out we headed back to the ranch got a take away and had an early night ready for tomorrow's schlep!

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Ko Chang - Bang Bao

Time to relax

Early start today 6am to catch our mini bus to Ko Chang from Pattaya.
Dave dropped us off at the pick up point in Jontien and we said our goodbyes. We've left some things at his house to collect on way back up next week rather than carry everything this week.

Close shave with the bus company as they phoned to ask where we were and there was a misunderstanding about the bus stop. Had to get a Thai person to explain that we were waiting where the agency had said. Turns out driver was waiting at a different hotel so when he eventually came for us all the other passengers thought WE had delayed the setting off. Spent the first two hours of the journey in a very uncomfortable silence, everyone shooting daggers of hatred in the back of our heads! They were Russian anyway, so no matter. Niet.

4hrs later we arrive at the ferry crossing to Ko Chang island.

Again more miscommunication by the tour company. Dave had warned us that Thais are not know for there logistics skills
"They are completely fucking inept" is what he actually said. After seven years of living here, he should know!

Arriving at ko chang we took the local taxi for 100bhat to Bang Bao pier.

We were the last ones on the taxi and started to worry about what the hell we had reserved?

It's true what they say about saving the best till last....
Bang Bao is stunning. It's a fishing village all built on stilts and piers.


This is our home for next three days. 15€ a night.

Jason loves it too! This is our direct view!

Went for a beer on the pier to a lovely bar called Buddah view, there are holes cut out of the floor so you can dangle your feet in the water.

To watch THIS sunset.

See how we go on tonight with our first sleep in a hut, it's bloody roasting!

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Cockerels, monkeys and dogs, oh my!

It's like a jungle sometimes...

Slept well woke up around 9 am just fancied something western so I walked to the pier and got us both coffee and waffles for breakfast (it's geared up for tourists down there as that's where all the boats depart for day trips)


It poured down for half an hour real tropical warm rain which was really refreshing. Everything was dry again as soon as the sun came out.

Jas was really tired so I left him in bed and went and read for a few hours on our pier. It was wonderfully soothing listening to the waves gently lapping at the pier and the jungle noises in the background.

"Tetanus" the dog came to join me on the pier he is no trouble he doesn't even want stroking. I think he just likes company (We are the only ones on the camp)
By the way Nat, I asked Daves wife Si-chon if the dogs here bark in Thai. Guess what? They do!!! The "woof woof" noise is called "how how" I really laughed about this and it made me think of you.


Birds make a different sound here.
Back home it's a gentle birdsong "chiirrrrrup chiirrrrrup" here it's more of a bloody great big loud "Squuuuuuaaaaaakkk squaaaaaaaaakk"

Imagine the noise you would make to a small child to mimic a monkey in the jungle

"Ooooh oooh huh ahhh ahhhh squaaaakk squaaaakk"

That's whats going on around us all the time. It is very relaxing none the less.

Speaking of monkeys....we bumped into these guys on the main road.


I saw some sort of jumping fish in the water under the pier and small shrimps. Felt a bit guilty as I'd eaten some of their family last night!

Picture that bit in the film "shark tale" where Robert Deniro shark is trying to make Jack Black shark not a vegetarian by eating shrimp, and the shrimp starts begging for its life *adopts baby voice*

"Please, don't eat me, I have my sisters kids here"


I'm reading a good book Dave lent me about Thailand and the Buddhist culture. Sleeping in this basic hut makes me realise how little you actually NEED as opposed to what you think you do.

Don't worry I'm not turning all new age hippy on you. No plans to change my name to Jacintha or Moon-song, get a tattoo, form dreadlocks from my unwashed ginger hair and start wearing daft MC Hammer pants.
It's just that I've noticed its not the things you HAVE that make you happy it's the things you DO and the people you spend time with.

Our hut is on stilts and its all made of bamboo so it creaks when you move around. Jason said it only does that when I move around as I have
"The grace of an Elephant"

And he has taken to calling me "Ginge of the jungle"

I like it here.


Moving to another part of the island tomorrow up north where the elephants live (real ones, not ginger ones)

Much love xx

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Ko Chang:East coast - The souk

North of the island

Said bye bye to Bang Bao and Tetanus. Took a songtow jeep taxi up to another resort called White Sands to try to find a bank.

Nice place more classy than Lonley beach where we went yesterday (buckets, yooof, noise, pollution) not our cup of chang at all.
But this beach was nice and civilized, did our errands then found a nice beach cafe for a spot of lunch.

After lunch Jason needed a haircut so we stopped at a salon that said "Haircut for Man"

Showed her a picture of Noel Gallagher, he came out looking more like Noel Coward.

Funny, you know that bit in the film "Dumb and Dumber" Where they are getting made over, and they each have a lady working on every part of them? well thats what it was like.

"Mr! I give foot scrub"
"Mr! I do manicure you nails wery dirty"
"Mr! U want rock star haircut"


Pissed myself laughing until I got talked into having a manicure, about 2 mins in I realised that Alix (my ten year old niece) could do a better job. That wiped the smile off my face and a fiver out of my pocket!!

Once we had calmed down from our pampering/ mutilation we phoned our next hotel to ask for directions and he said he would pick us up from the ferry, very kind.
He is a really cool young Thai guy called Eddie he's very well travelled and has worked all over the world as a chef. The place gets rave reviews so we were looking forward to it.

Booked it via agoda 15€ a night

This is our home for the next two nights:


Private beach only me on it!! Can see right across the gulf to Cambodia.


See that small dot in the ocean? That's me! : view from the bungalow.


Had a mess about in the free Kayaks for an hour then had a delicious dinner in Eddies on site restaurant.

Not sure how I will sleep tonight, this place is pretty much open to the jungle...


The ceiling is covered with Gekko/lizard things (like your tattoo Faye) which make a funny noise and scamper about the roof.


Currently there are 7 of these creatures above our bed. I am definitely not getting out of the mossy net tonight!!

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