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Ko Phangan - Return to paradise

It was worth the journey

Booked minivan and ferry ticket in Ao Nang via Krabi town to Surat Thani and then high speed catamaran back to Ko Phangan. It was worth the journey. Even though the boat broke down at sea and we finally limped into port an hour and half late. I tried a Thai anti sickness tablet (bought from the 7-11) seems like a solution and no nasty side effects like the ones I brought with me from home. So if you get sea sick try some, they are only 6b for two tablets.

The 7-11 has been a god send on this trip they have a really good range of medical stuff so if you need supplies don't panic if you don't have a chemist nearby you can probably get what you need at the supermarket.

We treated ourselves and upped our accommodation budget from 1000b to 1500b (40€) so we could have a few nice nights relaxing here.


We have had some great deals on www.agoda.com throughout the trip and the room rates have always been cheaper than if we had just walked in.
Very good website and we get points for every booking made so we might get a weekend away later in the year for free!

The best views over Haad Salad beach. Really nice friendly staff, cool mix of customers and best of all an infinity swimming pool. It feels like luxury for us.


This is our hammock check out the view!


The tide is really out at the moment something to do with the full moon cycle. Jason's been snorkelling with his new fancy snorkell and I've been lying by the pool doing very little.


We are both full of the flu. I think that 3 days in Ao Nang knocked us for six. I would kill for some "Frenadol" the Spanish cure all flu drug, but can't get it here so we are overdosing on fresh fruit smoothies in a bid to up vitamin C intake to prepare for the LONG journey home next week.


The food has been amazing on this trip. In 42 days we have not had a single bad meal. Everything is so fresh and packed full of vegetables. We are getting a really balanced diet. I think we just got a bit run down being without our creature comforts for so long now.

My usual morning Cafe Con Leche and Croissant has been replaced with Thai breakfast of steamed rice with an omelette on top. Fills you up till late afternoon and also I have had none of the nasty sugar crashes around 3pm like I do back home. Also Ive been coffee free (apart from a cheeky Starbucks in BKK) which also seems to have improved snack attacks.

Himself has stocked up on loads of nice ingredients to take back. I hope we don't get stopped at customs.
"Is that Galangal in your pocket? Or are you just pleased to see me"

A few of the essential ingredients might be hard to obtain in Spain so we will have to substitute a little, so therefore the flavours won't be exactly the same but as near as possible.

This is where I think myself lucky for being with a professional Chef, although me being a professional eater it was a perfect match really!

A huge part of wanting to tour Thailand was about the food. We have tried all sorts of dishes, with subtle North vs South changes in Flavour. It's been wonderful. (Goodbye skinny jeans until erm at least August)


This is my favorite dish - Chicken Penang, spicy hot chillies and peanuts.


Sharon asked me a few weeks ago what creature comforts was I missing. At the time my reply was "Clean clothes"
As the weeks have gone on I realised that what I've missed the most, is cleanliness itself.

One never really feels clean in Thailand, mostly because on a backpacker budget you get is basic accommodation with a cold shower and the tap water is brown. Even in the posher places the tap water isn't really that clean you certainly can not drink it, I dare not even brush my teeth with it. Bottled water is your best friend out here.

Will really appreciate our lovely hot power shower when we get back to Spain.

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Bangkok for the second time - Not so Scary

We've come a long way baby!

When I look back to that first night in BKK and how terrified I was, I realise now how far we have come during this trip.

Bugs don't faze me in the slightest anymore. I have seen that many cockroaches I can even shower in the same room as one now (obviously through desperation, not choice) don't get me wrong if there are any back home I'm shipping out, but in Thailand 90% of where we stayed was Tropical jungle you'd be daft to not expect a few bugs.

The smell from the sewers is not as offensive - or we must have become accustomed to it. Also I started to carry a mini perfume spray EVERYWHERE with me I´ve affectionately nicknamed it "The Pocket Pleaser"


Regarding the sex tourism in Bangkok - Sex workers are prevalent all over Thailand, you have to accept this fact or it will drive you crazy. It's not in your face in fact it's often quite discreet. Every town we have stayed in has some sort of sex trade "offering" and plenty of customers looking to purchase, it is supply and demand. The worlds oldest trade. Those type of bars are easy to spot and therefore avoid (unless you don't want to) just look for a bar full of bored, semi pretty ladies, a pool table and a tv screen showing football. Job done.

I feel bit more tolerant now, I'm not sure if that's because I understand "it´s a cultural thing" or perhaps we've been exposed to so much of it I've become desensitised?

I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy and cheap it is to travel around Thailand. If you are coming to tour the country don't worry at all about getting from A to B, it's easy peasy and a huge amount cheaper than Europe.

Air Asia were the best Low Cost Carrier we found the service and value for money excellent.
Here is me in my Sid James hat heading back to Bangkok from the south.


It will pay for itself during your first week when you don't really know what you are doing. The best money we spent all trip.

Really enjoyed using the Sky Train here and in Kuala Lumpur too. It is a super cheap and fast way to avoid the traffic jams and choking exhaust fumes.

Super efficient and organised look how the arrows on the platform show you where you should stand. Everyone follows the etiquette. Also all men automatically give their seats up for a woman once on the train. Which I thought was nice, especially as my feet were killing me!




Here is what you do: Step to the right of the doors until everyone has got off the train, then in your neat - single file - lines you may enter the train. No pushing, no shoving, no questions and it works! Brilliantly. Barcelona could learn a lot from these guys.

Down at street level the pollution is toxic. It can make you lightheaded so you may wish to invest in protection, especially if you are staying longer than two days and plan to do a lot of walking near the roads.

I have completely nailed the BKK attire now.


"Chamone Motherf**ckers!!!!"

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