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Ko Phangan - what a difference a day makes...

24 little hours

Feeling more human today. Slept really well and had a nice breakfast in our bar with stunning vistas for company (left J in bed) banana smoothies have replaced my usual cafe con leche!


Decided to go exploring up West coast of the Island. Took a jeep taxi with two girls who live near us in Spain (Saragossa) we were just saying the other day how we hadn't met any Spanish on our travels. They were very nice girls, cabin crew for Ryanair so we had a good chat about the industry and Salou. They family holiday in La Pineda every year. It was really strange talking Spanish again and thinking about home.

Life in Salou feels very very far away at the moment.

Anyway we dropped them off and we carried on up the coast to - Haad Salad, selected simply so I could say the line "I had salad" in Haad Salad.

What a stunning ride up it was and on arrival we were greeted with this beach.



Had a nice lunch and a bit of a swim.


Trying to get Jason to the beach is usually like pulling teeth. He hates the beach with a passion and picks holes in everything from start to finish.

Bathing shorts - "I look like a German"

Sun cream - "too sticky"

Sand -" it gets everywhere"

Sea - "too choppy, things floating"

Moan moan moan.....

It's like being at the beach with Karl Pilkington.

So over the years I have learned to leave him at home and go with my good mate Ang.

Ang you would have loved it.
The Sea only comes to your waist, it's so clear and warm like bath water.
Tropical fish swim at your feet and best of all no FREAK waves to knock me out.
But Ang, Sadly no Harry the hammerhead shark inflatable (R.I.P)

Well he absolutely loved this beach said it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen, he went swimming in the sea, saw some exotic fishes said he's going to buy a snorkel, the lot!

After I'd picked my jaw up off the floor, we headed over to the next resort - Haad Yao to this beach.


Had a look round the town Thong Sala in the evening to the night market which was brilliant all home cooked food stalls and vintage clothes very nice atmosphere.

Stumbled upon an Eco friendly restaurant with a board outside advertising "SOLAR BAKED, RAW PIZZA" inside were the usual suspects Jacintha and Joshua with tattoos and MC Hammer pants.


Can't swing a cat inside the place for fear of catching a carefully nurtured dread lock. Well everyone was busy "finding themselves" on daddy's money.

This led to a discussion about what to call a collection of Eco Warriors?

We came up with "knobs" and went for a pint in the Irish bar next door.

Tomorrow we are moving up West its much nicer than Baan Tai and we can relax for a few days before our jaunt to Malaysia.

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Ko Phangan - Meltdown

A bit fed up today

Been on the road all day today it's exhausting.

Departed Hua Hin at 7.30am took a coach to Chumpon took 4 hours. Then a high speed catamaran to the islands which took another 4 hours.


The boat crossing was in really choppy seas loads of people were throwing up. I'd had an anti sickness tablet so was ok. But felt very rough when it docked. Jason called me "Kermit the Ginge"


Arrived at Ko Phangan to take our "ten minute walk" to the bungalow we booked.

Ten minutes, if you are an Olympian....

Stopped for a beer en route as we were both loosing it a bit in the heat with the rucksacks and fatigue.

New place seems nice we are in Baan Tai which is the next resort up from the messy Full Moon Party resort. Hopefully it won't be too "yooof" here but as we arrived after sunset its hard to tell whats what.

Ate at a hot plate BBQ place which was a novelty. It's a charcoal BBQ bowl with a lid on. You go choose your own raw meat and veg then cook it all at the table yourself.


Early night as I'm tired and cranky. Need to see some beautiful nature tomorrow.

Im sick of the sight of bloody motor ways and red light bars filled with 60 something year old, fat, past it perverts romancing whores.

Oh and I took some clothes to the "laundry" they all came back with either iron shine or scorch marks.

Dave's words are ringing in my ears about them being "completely inept"...

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Ko Phangan - What a stunner!

Well needed beach time

Good evening, Jacintha here sorry I haven't blogged for a few days but I've been busy volunteering at an elephant sanctuary.

Only kidding its still me, Melly from the block we have been busy doing nothing past few days. It's been wonderful. We have been snorkeling off the west coast at salad beach which is divine. The resort is really chilled with great restaurants but quiet accommodation. Our hut has a sea view and a hammock so we have just been taking it easy.

Jason's moped scrapes are just not healing at all which led me to find this article on the Internet. Apparently it's due to the humidity and moisture in the air. The article recommends amongst other things, cleaning the wounds with URINE! I'm sticking to tea tree oil for now.


Had another Thai beating/massage yesterday it's really cheap here for treatments around 7€ for an hour and the best bit in this resort is they are all along the beach so you get to relax to the sound of the waves gently lapping on the shore. Bliss!

Nothing much to report only that the sunsets are magnificent, like this


And this....


Oh and I saw a spider with a body the size of a baby's head. Couldn't get a photo for you as I was running away too fast.

Night night, off for a shower now (normal, not golden) and an early night as we are off to Surat thani tomorrow on the way to Malaysia.


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Surat Thani - People are strange, when you're a stranger

Left paradise this morning.

At ko phangan ferry port we decided to opt for the cheaper ferry "raja" and saved ourselves 180bhat. It's a more sturdy car ferry so it takes a bit longer but I thought it might help me with the sea sickness. It would have been fairly pleasant had it not been for this Damien Devil child and his mother who sat next to us. It reminded me why I never want kids. Four hours later when the five year old monster was STILL whining and yelping for no reason I am ready to loose it. In addition to this the ferry had some pretty major diesel fues smells so I was sick as a dog again. Boats just don't do it for me.ED408B452219AC6817BE8E47A7F366B0.jpg

The bus into town was overbooked and also late so by the time we actually got to Surat Thani city everyone on the bus was panicking about missing flights etc.There were some very angry passengers. We got off in the city and the bus continued onto the airport but I bet a few people missed their flights poor things.

Surat Thani is a hub town, farrangs only go here to connect to elsewhere so it's not at all geared up for tourists. Everything is in Thai only, no one speaks English. It is quite strange and scary when you dont know your way around.

We went to the local department store to top up on toiletries but were made to feel so uncomfortable we ended up walking out.

People were really staring at us and talking about us.

I mean REALLY staring. I don't know if it was our clothes or my red hair but they were fascinated by us. It was very uncomfortable.

You know that bit in the film "inception" when the person knows you are in his dream, and everyone in the dream who is walking down the street starts staring? Well it was like that.

As it was after dark we couldn't find any decent places to eat and everything was closing up or closed so we ended up in a fast food sushi place eating cold miso soup and pork with rice.

We saw a MASSIVE rat the size of a cat run across our path.

Don't come to Surat Thani.
(If you must, then stay here its a great little hotel and only 320b)

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Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

Day one

Great to be back in the city. KL is very cool. Everyone speaks English and is very friendly.



It's like a clean, fragrant, prostitute free Bangkok.


We just went for a look around the many air conditioned BEHEMOTH shopping malls today as we were pretty shattered from the last two days traveling.

It's so hot here, the forecast looked pretty rubbish so we were expecting it get soaked coming from the airport but on arrival the heat hit us like a sledgehammer - 33degrees but with a 94% humidity.

My hair has taken on a new level of Afro-ness.

In fact I have abandoned my beauty routine completely as I keep finding my eyebrows near my arm pits there really is no point in wearing make up.
All you need is a bar of soap and mosquito repellant.

Going to hit the major tourist attractions tomorrow so will take loads of photos and blog a bit more.

Best thing about K L so far... They have Nando's. (in fact pretty much every western brand has a presence here, yippee!)


(Found this out after I had eaten pork noodles, from which I pulled some sort of large insect leg - very disconcerting)

All my money is going to "The Man" next few days and I'm going to bloody well enjoy it.

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