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Cockerels, monkeys and dogs, oh my!

It's like a jungle sometimes...

Slept well woke up around 9 am just fancied something western so I walked to the pier and got us both coffee and waffles for breakfast (it's geared up for tourists down there as that's where all the boats depart for day trips)


It poured down for half an hour real tropical warm rain which was really refreshing. Everything was dry again as soon as the sun came out.

Jas was really tired so I left him in bed and went and read for a few hours on our pier. It was wonderfully soothing listening to the waves gently lapping at the pier and the jungle noises in the background.

"Tetanus" the dog came to join me on the pier he is no trouble he doesn't even want stroking. I think he just likes company (We are the only ones on the camp)
By the way Nat, I asked Daves wife Si-chon if the dogs here bark in Thai. Guess what? They do!!! The "woof woof" noise is called "how how" I really laughed about this and it made me think of you.


Birds make a different sound here.
Back home it's a gentle birdsong "chiirrrrrup chiirrrrrup" here it's more of a bloody great big loud "Squuuuuuaaaaaakkk squaaaaaaaaakk"

Imagine the noise you would make to a small child to mimic a monkey in the jungle

"Ooooh oooh huh ahhh ahhhh squaaaakk squaaaakk"

That's whats going on around us all the time. It is very relaxing none the less.

Speaking of monkeys....we bumped into these guys on the main road.


I saw some sort of jumping fish in the water under the pier and small shrimps. Felt a bit guilty as I'd eaten some of their family last night!

Picture that bit in the film "shark tale" where Robert Deniro shark is trying to make Jack Black shark not a vegetarian by eating shrimp, and the shrimp starts begging for its life *adopts baby voice*

"Please, don't eat me, I have my sisters kids here"


I'm reading a good book Dave lent me about Thailand and the Buddhist culture. Sleeping in this basic hut makes me realise how little you actually NEED as opposed to what you think you do.

Don't worry I'm not turning all new age hippy on you. No plans to change my name to Jacintha or Moon-song, get a tattoo, form dreadlocks from my unwashed ginger hair and start wearing daft MC Hammer pants.
It's just that I've noticed its not the things you HAVE that make you happy it's the things you DO and the people you spend time with.

Our hut is on stilts and its all made of bamboo so it creaks when you move around. Jason said it only does that when I move around as I have
"The grace of an Elephant"

And he has taken to calling me "Ginge of the jungle"

I like it here.


Moving to another part of the island tomorrow up north where the elephants live (real ones, not ginger ones)

Much love xx

Posted by Gingertoad 03:15

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